Saturday, October 12, 2013

Two FREE downloads of Two of my Novels during October! Yay! A Read Fest

Book 2 of my Rodeo Romance, "BREDE",  is FREE until October 15th!  
Please download to your Kindle, or via the free kindle app.

Readers almost pushed "Lynx" to Amazon's top 100 list!  Please keep clicking for a 
FREE download of "BREDE".
I will keep you posted as we edge closer to the goal.

Remember, I am blogging on Rhobin's Ramblings Blog on October 26
(the same day as my Spooktacular Dinner Event).  And, as always, my menu, 
photos, and recipes will be posted on my culinary blog before Halloween.

Cut and paste this link into your browser, or go to and type in Connie Vines.

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