Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Snippet ~ Brede~ by Connie Vines #Sunday Snips

Welcome to Sunday Snips.  This is a Blog Hop of sorts, a chance to sample a snippet of each participating author's work.  Today I'm sharing a snippet from Book 2 of my Rodeo Romance Series, "Brede", published by Books We Love.

I hope you enjoy this Romantic Suspense story!



Audralynn Maddox heard her own soft cry, but the pain exploding inside her head made everything  else surreal. distanced somehow by the realization that someone had made a mistake.

A terrible mistake.

He caught her wrists, pinning them behind her and shoved her, face first, against the van, "Nobody double crosses J.B., bitch. Nobody!"

His attack had come so unexpectedly that Audralynn hadn't seen his face. His voice didn't sound familiar, yet she delved into the depths of  her subconscious, trying to pin a name to the voice.  She jerked and heaved against his grip, trying to gain her freedom, but he was far too strong.

"I don't know any J.B.," she whimpered. She wanted to scream the words, but her head pounded. Tears of pain stung her eyes and ran down her cheeks.

He laughed. The hateful sound mocked her growing terror. Her pitiful struggles only increased his cruelty, but she dared not stop.

"Thought you could go back on the bargain, did you?  We've been watching your place. Your friend didn't want to cooperate, either.  Too bad she put up such a fight."

Vikki  What did you do to Vikki?

He shoved her face against the door.  "She didn't cooperate.  Stupid bitch.  I only wanted the photos."

The man's hot, rancid breath assaulted her senses as he grabbed her by the shoulders to still her struggles. "  Now, you're a smart little piece," he hissed. Don't cause me any more trouble and maybe I'll let you go.  Where'd you stash the photos?"


Brede is avaiable at Amazon in ebook format for 99 cents!

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