Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Snippets! #1/31/2016 #Sunday Snips

Welcome to Sunday Snippets!  I, along with the members of this weekly Blog Hop, will be sharing snippets from one of our stories.

From "Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow":

He promised to be gone come morning, but obviously, he wast still there.  Oh well, maybe fixing breakfast was just his way of saying thanks.

She put on a robe, shoved her feet into a pair of fuzzy pink slippers and advanced into the kitchen.  Pale winter sunshine was clinging to the edges of the living room window and she could hear Viktor whistling tunelessly as she crossed the floor.

"Morning," she said.  Viktor looked up at her with a smile.  She was happy to see he looked less travel-weary  He shaved and was neatly dressed in acid washed jeans and a faded red-plaid flannel shirts. A momentary feeling of tenderness swept over her.  No one labeled him a fashion slave that was for sure.  "Sit down," he said, "It's ready."

She eyed her plate, filled with protein--of the non-vegan form.  Had Viktor known she was no longer vegan, or was it only a lucky guess?  She didn't dare broach the subject.  Her life had become such a collection of secrets.  Once upon a time her life had been uncomplicated, and she was happy.  Glancing at Viktor, she wondered if he was happy. . .

Please stop by and visit these wonderful authors and enjoy their snippets, too.

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