Friday, December 27, 2013

Round Robin Blog for December 2013. Topic: What Have I Learned From Writing?

This month’s topic: What have I learned from writing?  And what are my goals for 2014 and further into the future?

I believe by writing I have learned more about myself.  This is especially true when I write fiction.  Just as I learn much of the inner workings of the authors I read, people will be learning about me (which is rather an uncomfortable feeling) when my thoughts are put onto paper or screen.  Of course, this is not one hundred percent the case all of the time.  However, just like an actor, my writings are filtered though my points of reference and life experiences, and this is what, I believe, makes up a writers’ ‘voice’.  Therefore, morals, ethics, and thoughts are exposed for all to see.  This gives me a unique way to focus in and draw upon my emotions/experiences, which helps me intensify an emotional scene.  Yet it also gives me an opportunity to go to the opposite end of the spectrum and develop a character with an entirely different point of reference and, therefore, a very different motivational focus. 

I have, or I should say: I am still learning to budget my time.  Not only do I have a full time job but also like everyone else, I have family obligations and commitments.  Once you are a writer, you are always exceptionally busy.  I actively serve as a board member for a writer’s group; I judge writing contests at local, national, and international levels.  I meeting monthly with another writer to brainstorm, I guest blog, well you get the picture. . .and I write. Constantly. I have a Sony recorder, a voice app on my iPad and iPhone—which I seldom employ.  Why?  Because the act of putting pen to paper activates the brain into a free-flow mode.  I scribble in notebooks, scraps of paper, index cards that I toss in a basket on my desk.  Then when I’m ready to plot my novel, I sort, paper clip into some semblance of order, and get down to the business of writing.

What are my goals for 2014 and beyond?

My Zombie novella is almost complete.  My Zombie stories are minus blood and gore (think: “Warm Bodies” with a focus on ‘warm and fuzzy’).

I currently have an anthology in the works.  One of the stories has a television production focus.  I had a wonderful time conducting fieldwork.  Living in southern California, Hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studios and Sea World are within easy driving distance.  I am also blessed with friends in the industry,  who were kind enough to answers my questions.

I have a YA/Tween series and an audio novel in the works for this upcoming year.  I plan to enjoy life  and continue to develop my craft as a writer.  Why do I write--because it is so much fun.  When I am not writing, as my family knows, I am miserable (or at the very least, cranky).

Connie Vines

A big “thank you” goes out to Robin for including me in this month’s blog.