Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Snippets 5/1/2016

This week's snippet is taken from chapter 3 from "Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow". (Kindle Unlimited this month!).

Summary:  Meredith's soon-to-be ex-husband stays with her during a financial crunch (his not hers).
Meredith frowned.  Something wasn't right.  Viktor was tidy, almost to the point of psychotic; ritualistic in his routine.  The scent of pine and snow were heavy on the air.  He smelled as if he'd spent the entire night tromping through the woods.  The cold had seeped into the pores of his skin, and his cheeks were wind burned.  Viktor was not an outdoors  man, he was a scholar.  Wasn't he?

Six months ago, she would have thought so with absolute certainty.  Now, who knew?  Viktor was different.  Less distant. . .more human.  She knew that didn't make any sense.  Of course, he was human!  He seemed vulnerable--yes, that was it--and less self-assured.

All of which is none of your concern, Meredith reminded herself.  Reaching for the paper filter and can of dark roast Yuban, she readied the coffee maker.  It was her day to make breakfast; she didn't need to concern herself with anything else.

Still, something about Viktor was different.  Meredith tried to push aside the feeling, but it continued to nag at her.  She'd noticed the change in Viktor the night he'd arrived.

Don't go there.

He was pale (toothpaste white was a more accurate description), his angular face shadowed with exhaustion.  He looked. . .dead, well--she should know; almost dead anyway.

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Do You Believe in Angels, Spirits, Ghosts, or Demons?

Thank you Robin for a fitting Halloween topic for this month's
Round Robin Blog.

Topic:  Do you believe in angels, spirits, ghosts, demons or other ethereal beings or locations?  What do you think when the appear in stories?  Have you used them in your own stories?

I believe in angels.  Guardian Angels have touched my life many times.  Who hasn't sensed a hand resting on your shoulder, pulling you back from harm?  Or, that gentle voice guiding you in the right direction?

Ghosts? As Beverly said in her blog, New Orleans has that 'presence', as does the Waverly House in San Diego, and many Native American sacred grounds also.  Emotions are powerful.  Why can't emotions remain imprinted in an area where horrors have taken the lives of people?  Spirits of loved ones I imagine would like to protect and look after loved ones after parting from this physical word. I now I certainly would.

As for demons.  Since I believe in Good, the flip-side would be Evil.  I know we all have our personal demons.  As for 'pure' evil.  I pray I never encounter it in any form.

As for my stories.  Everyone who is acquainted with me, or has read my novels and articles, knows watching the episode of "Meerkat Manor" where Daisy was killed, equaled a week's worth of  nightmares for me.

Do I sprinkle these elements in my writings?  Not as of yet.  However, as my friend Jacques Condor, Fox Sauk, reminded.  "The story finds the storyteller.  It is the storyteller's responsibility to bring the story to life."

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Sunday Snippets #10/11/205

Welcome everyone for this week's Sunday Snip from "Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow".

(Continued from last week!)

In hindsight, perhaps she should have been extremely concerned.  Because the next thing Meredith knew, shes was in a zipped body bag, feeling entirely not like herself.

No., She wasn't going to dwell on the past.  Again. She'd just kept muddling on with her life and try to focus on the bright spots.

Pippa and her family were a definite bright spot in her life.

"I wish you would let me help with dinner," Meredith said, pulling herself back into he present. "I feel guilty just sitter here doing nothing while you do all the work." Being a vegan, Meredith found her transition into zombie-hood, particularly exigent.  Brains, human or otherwise, had never been on her menu--now, protein, fowl or bovine form was a requirement of her reanimated state.  Difficulty thought it was, she had to come to terms with the change.  After discovering an underground support group who met monthly in a banquet room of a coffee shop near I-10, she was thankful she didn't. . .

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