Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Snippets #10/11/205

Welcome everyone for this week's Sunday Snip from "Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow".

(Continued from last week!)

In hindsight, perhaps she should have been extremely concerned.  Because the next thing Meredith knew, shes was in a zipped body bag, feeling entirely not like herself.

No., She wasn't going to dwell on the past.  Again. She'd just kept muddling on with her life and try to focus on the bright spots.

Pippa and her family were a definite bright spot in her life.

"I wish you would let me help with dinner," Meredith said, pulling herself back into he present. "I feel guilty just sitter here doing nothing while you do all the work." Being a vegan, Meredith found her transition into zombie-hood, particularly exigent.  Brains, human or otherwise, had never been on her menu--now, protein, fowl or bovine form was a requirement of her reanimated state.  Difficulty thought it was, she had to come to terms with the change.  After discovering an underground support group who met monthly in a banquet room of a coffee shop near I-10, she was thankful she didn't. . .

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