Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Snippets

Today's Sunday Snippet is the final snip from "Lynx" Rodeo Romance, Book 1

Rachel awaken slowly with first light.  She felt Lynx's body along the length of hers, keeping her warm. His arm rested across her waist and his steady breath brushed her nape.  For a moment, Rachel felt like she belonged to this Texas cowboy.

Then the hazy feeling of sleep left her mind, and she remembered.  Today was their scheduled trip.

Lynx was taking her to Texas.

Rachel thought of all the arguments she'd had with herself about meeting his family.  Whe hadn't won one yet.  And she was still afraid of going.

Perhaps she could continue to fool Lynx, making him think she was sure of herself but she couldn't fool herself any longer.  It was time to get up and make some double-strength coffee.  Courage in a cup.

Reaching for her robe, she slipped out of bed.

Glancing at Lynx. . .

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