Saturday, October 24, 2015

Do You Believe in Angels, Spirits, Ghosts, or Demons?

Thank you Robin for a fitting Halloween topic for this month's
Round Robin Blog.

Topic:  Do you believe in angels, spirits, ghosts, demons or other ethereal beings or locations?  What do you think when the appear in stories?  Have you used them in your own stories?

I believe in angels.  Guardian Angels have touched my life many times.  Who hasn't sensed a hand resting on your shoulder, pulling you back from harm?  Or, that gentle voice guiding you in the right direction?

Ghosts? As Beverly said in her blog, New Orleans has that 'presence', as does the Waverly House in San Diego, and many Native American sacred grounds also.  Emotions are powerful.  Why can't emotions remain imprinted in an area where horrors have taken the lives of people?  Spirits of loved ones I imagine would like to protect and look after loved ones after parting from this physical word. I now I certainly would.

As for demons.  Since I believe in Good, the flip-side would be Evil.  I know we all have our personal demons.  As for 'pure' evil.  I pray I never encounter it in any form.

As for my stories.  Everyone who is acquainted with me, or has read my novels and articles, knows watching the episode of "Meerkat Manor" where Daisy was killed, equaled a week's worth of  nightmares for me.

Do I sprinkle these elements in my writings?  Not as of yet.  However, as my friend Jacques Condor, Fox Sauk, reminded.  "The story finds the storyteller.  It is the storyteller's responsibility to bring the story to life."

Happy Reading Everyone,


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Rhobin said...

Loved the quotation about the storyteller. Enjoyed your perspective on the topic, too.

Skyewriter said...

I loved your quote as well. A historical that I've written but not yet published has a ghost and his dog in it, but I didn't make them up. They are supposed to really haunt a small island off the coast of Maine and that story spawned a new idea in my busy mind.

darkwriter said...

Liked your post, Connie. I agree about the Native American sacred grounds. I used that in Targeted - out Nov 6th. And I don't know anything about Waverly House in San Diego. I'll have to add that to my list and check it out.

Jean Wright said...

I couldn't help smiling because I have that picture framed in my kitchen.