Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Snippets 5/1/2016

This week's snippet is taken from chapter 3 from "Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow". (Kindle Unlimited this month!).

Summary:  Meredith's soon-to-be ex-husband stays with her during a financial crunch (his not hers).
Meredith frowned.  Something wasn't right.  Viktor was tidy, almost to the point of psychotic; ritualistic in his routine.  The scent of pine and snow were heavy on the air.  He smelled as if he'd spent the entire night tromping through the woods.  The cold had seeped into the pores of his skin, and his cheeks were wind burned.  Viktor was not an outdoors  man, he was a scholar.  Wasn't he?

Six months ago, she would have thought so with absolute certainty.  Now, who knew?  Viktor was different.  Less distant. . .more human.  She knew that didn't make any sense.  Of course, he was human!  He seemed vulnerable--yes, that was it--and less self-assured.

All of which is none of your concern, Meredith reminded herself.  Reaching for the paper filter and can of dark roast Yuban, she readied the coffee maker.  It was her day to make breakfast; she didn't need to concern herself with anything else.

Still, something about Viktor was different.  Meredith tried to push aside the feeling, but it continued to nag at her.  She'd noticed the change in Viktor the night he'd arrived.

Don't go there.

He was pale (toothpaste white was a more accurate description), his angular face shadowed with exhaustion.  He looked. . .dead, well--she should know; almost dead anyway.

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