Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mysterious and delicious potions have long been brewed along the bumpy road to true love.

These potions are meant to be shared and enjoyed on a warm summer evening. While the tea is brewing, or you are waiting for one of your 'love charms' to cure, remember to order a copy of my latest book in my Western Men are Made for Lovin' Series--"The Way to a Rancer's Heart"!

Love Potion

#12 hibiscus tea bags (brew in 2 cups water, cool completely.

1 cup papaya juice, chilled (add tea and juice to 1 qt. pitcher).

1/2 tablespoon honey (add to pitcher, stir with wooden spoon).

Sparkling water, chilled (top off the pitcher).

Pour into 2 chilled glasses and top with a sprig of mint.

Love Charms

In Hungary, a woman traditionally seals her love by tying a strand of her hair to one of her lover's hairs and binding it with a red ribbon. The charm is worn near the heart.

Flowers- the secret language of loveIn Victorian times public wooing was constrained by social mores. Send an 'unspoken' message to your honey.

Apple: temptation

Clover: promise

Gardenia: ecstasy

Jonquil: desire

Hyacinth: admiration

Iris: passion

Orchid: comfort

Rose: love

Tulip: vow

In response, one may receive:

Almomd: hope

Hollyhock: consumed by love

Wormwood: love returned

Sadly, one may also be presented with:

Daffodil: no

Flax: thank you

Ah, love is eternal--so, never give up hope. And if worse comes to worse, there are always chocolate massage bars!

(See my next blog).

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