Sunday, January 09, 2011

Writers Boot Camp 101

It seems to take more and more time for me to finish writing books as of late. I'm distracted by marketing, blogs and setting up an author site on Facebook, along with other ways of networking. Also, I've decided I absolutely need to read fiction, which I had pretty much abandoned for a while in favor of writing and consuming only research material. On my last vacation, I was in relaxation mode, so along with going to DSW, shopping for clothing, and other vices, I read one fiction novel, I almost got through another, and only spent two afternoons writing. It was great to be able to read, but that didn't help me finish my WIP.
Should I have spent more time writing instead of reading?

I know there are speed reading classes, I've taken several--one online, so I should have finished my daily word count seeing there was no travel time involved. Obviously, I wasn't the star pupil because I'm still poking about and polishing that final draft. Maybe I should take the boot camp class for writers I've seen as an extension course at the local college. Or perhaps I'll enlist a friend to brow-beat me into writing faster.  Geeta are you reading this massage?

Or, maybe I just need to resign myself to being a slow (but very exacting) writer.

What about you? Care to share any hints? 

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