Wednesday, January 02, 2013

3 Tips from Paris to Look Fabulous

Being stylish doesn't mean spending hours getting ready. "It's about paying attention to a few details," says Jennifer Scott, lifestyle blogger at the Daily Connoisseur.

Ladies, try Scott's real-world tricks to look perfectly polished.

1. Create a core wardrobe. "Clear out the clutter in your closet and donate clothes that do not suit you," says Scott. "You'll be able to orchestrate several polished outfits that you can pick at a moment's notice." This wardrobe may include such items as a pair of shinny jeans, wool pants, blazer, pencil skirt, fitted cardigan, silk blouse, ballet flats and trench coat.
2. Organize your accessories. "Spend one afternoon playing with the accessories in your wardrobe to find out which scarves work best with which blouses, and do the same with the jewelry," says Scott. Knowing which accessories work best with various outfits makes it easier to finish your look next time you're in a hurry.
3. Perfect a simple hairstyle. "If you pull you hair back into a ponytail," Scott says, "try this embellishment. Hide the elastic band by wrapping a few strands of hair around it and securing with a bobby pin for a thoughtful touch." For short hair, try an off-center part; smooth flyaway hairs with gel. It looks sleek and neat dressed up or dressed down."


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