Monday, July 15, 2013

Mastering the "Selfie"

Chances are you have seen, or have tried to take a "selfie"--a self-portrait head shot shared on social media sites. Is there a way to make smartphone pics more flattering?  Trial and error, as well as conversations with avid smartphone photographers netted some useful tips.

  • Flash you pearly whites.  Smile with your eyes and you will look energetic.
  • Face the light. This is particularly helpful if you have a scar or less than perfect skin.
  • Use editing apps. Filters and enhancements can create different moods.  A "selfie" for a professional website will look different than a "selfie" for fun fashion blog.
  • Play with angles. My personal fav is the 'tilt' by tilting your head down to create the illusion of larger eyes and a smaller jaw. 
Everyone has an idea of her/his best feature.  Experiment.  Discover what works best for you.

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