Friday, March 28, 2014

Sunday Snippets #sunday snippets~ Connie Vines

Welcome to Sunday Snippets!  I would like to thank author Ginger Simpson for including me this week.
The rules are simple--six paragraphs no more, no less.  

This snippet is from my published novel (Book 1 of my Native American Series).  Available as e-book or paper back. 

My snippet is from my historical sweet romance.  This is my favorite (though all of my novels are dear to me).  I believe every writer has a story which comes from the soul--this is mine.  Whisper upon the Water, awarded the Dream Realm Award, Independent e-book Award; Frankfurt e-book Finalist, E-Book YA Historical Bestseller, and was a National Book Award Nominee.

Please enjoy your visit visit to Tanayia and Anna Thunder's world.

"Anna thunder, you will pay dearly for you disobedience!" Sister Enid slapped the flat of her palm against the desk top. "When I tell a student to recited, everyone is to participate."

I stiffened against the wooden back of my chair and held my breath.  Sullen silence from the Comanche girl was a daily ritual. Never before had she challenged the teacher in front of so many students.  Hatred twisted Sister Enid's prune face in fury. "I demand an apology."

Anna Thunder remained silent.

With her back arched and her scrawny neck stretched its full length, Sister Enid marched to the back of the room.  Her heavy shoes sounding like horse's hooves on the brightly polished wooden floor. Grabbing Anna Thunder by the arm, the teacher yanked the girl from the chair. Dragging her toward the hallway, she said, "Two days in the attic for you. No food. Only water. Afterwards, I'll wager, you'll remember you manners."

During the days which followed, all students spoke in whispers about Anna Thunder. All wondered what had happened to her. None dared ask Sister Enid. Some said she was being starved and 
beaten.Others said Anna Thunder had died and was buried beneath the church floor.

On the morning of the third day, while the other girls were marching in the exercise yard, Sister Enid ordered me to remain inside. 

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Unknown said...

thanks for being part of the group and sharing your six. I love Historical westerns, so this is right up my alley.

Connie Vines said...

My pleasure and thank you.

The Sheepish Gardener said...

Oh, my! Your six just pulled me in and dug icy nails under my skin. I love it! I am going to need to check out the whole book. Well done! (And thanks for singling me out for the next snippet in line. :) Every little bit helps. :) )

Connie Vines said...

Thank you. History isn't ways pretty.