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Fireworks! Round Robin, June 2014

Round Robin June, 2014Fireworks!

I’ve been asked to feature one of the most explosive scenes from one of my novels.I have chosen a scene from Lynx, Rodeo Romance Book 1.This scene takes place in “The Last Chance” Honky Tonk in Running Springs, Montana.

“Rachel, honey,” why’s that man staring at you?” Charlene asked, glancing to the right of her friend.

“You’re imagining things.”

“No I’m not. He keeps watching you. . .oh, no here he comes—“

“Charlene, you’re scaring me.” Rachel twisted her chair to get a look at the man. He was stocky and looked to be in his early thirties. He also looked vaguely familiar.

Before she could act, the man lunged against her, catching her off guard. He grabbed her wrist. “Wanna dance?”

She jerked her hand free. “No, I don’t. I think it would be best if you went back to your table.” She was concerned but she wasn’t frightened, yet. She glared at him for several counts, her heart pounding. If she kept her head he’d leave her alone. If he didn’t, she’d scream the roof down!

“I’ll buy you another drink. . .”

“No!” Rachel shot back.

“Justin, leave the lady alone.” Lynx’s voice was a low growl right behind her.

“The lady asked me to buy her a drink,” the drunk whined.

“I did not!”

“Rachel,” Lynx ordered quietly. “I’ll handle this.”

She felt her spine snap to attention. She’d never responded well to orders, no matter how well intended.
The drunk stumbled, landing on top of Rachel. She let out a squeal of surprise as glasses and mugs of beer careened off the table and onto the floor. “Get off of me!” she screamed, shoving at his shoulders.

Before she could act, Lynx stepped forward, yanking the man off of Rachel. “Justin, didn’t your mother ever teach you any manners?” Lynx asked.

Justin said something foul under his breath, and Rachel saw Lynx’s expression change.
In swift, economical movements, Lynx spun the man around and grabbed him by the collar. One hard blow from his fist catapulted the man backwards. He crashed into a table and several wooden chairs. The sound of splintering wood filled the room, and suddenly Rachel found herself the unwelcome center of attention.

¬ My reaction to writing this: I’m not a violent person (I have nightmare after watching Meer Kat Manor). So even though my scene had a brawl, there is humor as the scene develops.  After I realized no one would be seriously injured (One never knows what the characters plan to do), I began to have fun with the experience.

¬ Background information: Well, since I’ve never participated in a barroom brawl, I had to conduct interviews. (Of course, I was not inclined to witness/ or instigate the event myself J).  Sherman (the husband of my dear friend) was an officer in the Army Air Force during WWII and had witnessed (I didn’t question his statement) many a fight in his day.  He provided me with how one positions a man to receive a punch.  The crashing, falling, and general mayhem I figured out from watching a couple of western movies and recalled the information I’d gleaned from a “Hollywood Stunt Man Workshop” I’d facilitated for Larry Sellers when he co-starred on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.

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anne stenhouse said...

Hi Connie, loved this and I could sense from Rachel's inner voice that it would go on with humour. Great to know our early hours of Westerns' watching were not wasted! Anne Stenhouse

Rhobin said...

Ugh! Singled out in a bar by a drunk. Not fun. Great scene. Thanks for participating in this month's topic.

Fiona McGier said...

I'm with Rhobin. Every woman's nightmare, being singled out by some schlub who's convinced that all women "owe" him sex because he's a man. What is wrong with men, that the women raising them allow them to believe in such fantasies? I certainly didn't raise my sons to be that way, and my daughter is her own person. Leave her alone or you won't have to wait for her brothers to deck you...she'll do it herself!

Heidiwriter said...

I like your barroom brawl scene--somewhat similar to mine! And being originally from Montana, I love your book theme!

darkwriter said...

I love your excerpt. the book sounds interesting.

Geeta Kakade said...

Nicely done Connie. You've got the drama shooting off fireworks in every direction and the anger and physicality of the `knock him down' scene made me want to jump in too!


Connie Vines said...

Thanks Heidi. It is always good when a 'local' approves of my regional fla or to a my novels!

Connie Vines said...

Thank you everyone for stopping by to read my blog and leave comments.

Lynn Crain said...

Great scene. I can envision it unfolding in front of me. I can also see Rachel's unhappiness at it all taking place right in front of her.

Thanks for sharing.