Friday, August 22, 2014

Characters Take Over #Round Robin, August


This month's Round-Robin topic is about secondary characters taking over a story. I must admit that I have read stories where I found the secondary character more interesting than the main character or really wanted to read the story of the secondary character.  I believe that several of my secondary characters have tried to take over the story. However, to date, I have been successful in stalling the secondary character.  How? (More on this later).

My main characters aren't women who are easily elbowed from center stage.  Still, my secondary characters don't take kindly to keeping his/ her light beneath a basket, so to speak.  In Lynx, Rodeo Romance Book 1, Charlene Davis (Rachel's best friend) is a no-nonsense, extremely funny, redneck sorta woman.  Charlene is a loyal friend to Rachel.   In Brede, Rodeo Romance Book 2, Caldwell, the old cook, makes a valiant effort to take over story (Caldwell is mentioned on nearly every review), but my main characters do keep control of the story.

In my YA novel, Whisper upon the Water, the secondary take over was quite different.  When I plotted my novel I had planned on making Anna Thunder my main character.  However, as my plot line and characterization became more concrete, I discovered that Tayiana  was truly the heroine of the novel.  While Anna's story was also important-- Tay's story was more compelling, more haunting.

How have I stalled my secondary characters?  I bribed them, of course!  

Anna Thunder will appear in my Spirit in the Sky while Lynx"s sister was the heroine in Brede.  
As for Charlene and Caldwell, time will tell.

Sometimes a writer can introduce an unexpected characters whose personalities are stronger than those of the main characters. What matters is the story. Hopefully their presence will make the story more believable, add excitement and humor,  while  increasing the reader's enjoyment.

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anne stenhouse said...

Hi Connie, a little bit of bribery seems to be a fairly popular method. my troublesome secondary character was Lady Daisy Mellon and she's now got her own book. Anne Stenhouse.

Geeta Kakade said...

Love your sense of humor and the fact you 'bribed' your secondary characters!
Well put, Connie.


Rhobin said...

Bribe your characters? Is that like sneaking a candy bar after you've given the whole family dessert? I think I might like this approach. Interesting post Connie.

Beverley Bateman said...

Bribery seems to be a common theme to keep those secondary characters in their place - and that usually means they get their own story.