Sunday, October 05, 2014

Connie’s Adventures with (yet another set of) Contact Lenses

During the past week, friends, family and co-workers, seem to continually pose the question, “Why don’t you just wear contact lenses?”  The tone of the question ranges from sympathy, pity, non-comprehension, and blatant exasperation as each person watches me maneuver my heavy tri-focal eyeglass lenses to match-up with the computer screen, Excel print-out, or focus on a person face.

Why?  Ah, the question seems simple; the answer obvious-to innocent bystanders, and those blessed with 20/20 vision.  Little do they know my past history: the unexpected tumble down steps because I couldn’t distinguish the steps from the solid brick surface, a toddler playfully patting my face and sending a contact to the floor of supermarket, allergic reaction to the lenses (leaving a suction cup ring on the scalar, and then there was the time a dear friend said, “just try the blue contacts.”  That little episode with the blue contact lenses creeped me out for six months.  Why?  Since I have med-brown eyes with a lovely touch of hazel, I am used to seeing expression in my eyes.  Blue eyes are great—my husband has light blue eyes, so this isn’t an anti-blue eyes thing.  However, when I looked in the mirror to see blue eyes staring back at me. . ..but then I’d forget and jump when I walked past a mirror or spent time wondering if I looked like a little like a seal-point Siamese cat.

Okay, it’s almost a decade later, everyone says with the disposable type of lenses, I will be just fine.

Since I’ve been extremely myopic since birth, my biggest challenge seems to be dealing with using ‘readers’.  For those either nearing or over the age of forty, the terminology is familiar and an expected change.  While I, who has always removed my glasses and held the document, menu, etc. the distance of six-inches from my nose to read, this is decidedly odd and challenging.
Last week I carried a purse, inside were the usual items plus one set of prescription sunglasses and my eye glass case.  Tomorrow I will carry said purse with the above items, plus a tote with contact lens solution, eye drops, a small case, and two sets of ‘readers’ because Foster Grant, apparently doesn't manufacture, or Rite Aide doesn't stock -2.25 ‘readers’.

Whereas before when I took my glasses off, I would braille the furniture or squint until I located the needed item.  Now I wander around the house searching for my ‘readers’.  Oh, and my husband says I look younger, and I should have headaches from eyestrain.  He also says, “Do you know you that bite of pasta fell off your fork, again. Better check your lap.”  Apparently, I am required to wear ‘readers’ while dining too.

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