Saturday, June 06, 2015

Inspiration for Writing By Connie Vines Sunday Snippets #6


It hardly ever fails. Just when you sit down to write, no matter how long you’ve been waiting for the chance, you suddenly feel like doing anything else.

Check Facebook. Bake cookies. Scrub the stovetop.

Part of it is being tired. I know. Most of us are writing in the lean moments between the full-time job, school, cooking, cleaning, child-rearing and, life.

 If you wait to feel like writing, you never will. If you wait for inspiration to find you, it never will. 

You must make it happen.

Some writers swear that publicly committing to a deadline is the way to start.  I find this approach creates instant writer's block.

1. Blogging 

Commit to posting on a weekly on one blog, monthly on another.  I love to beig a guest blogger on a friend's blog and being interviewed on others.

2. Meet regularly with other Authors

Meeting regularly with a writer’s group or a critique partner.  I also judge writing contests, including the Rita's, Golden Heart, and local contest. You may wish to sign up for NaNoWriMo or the 3-Day Novel contest

3. Keep a favorite book close 

Is there a particular book that always gives you the urge to put pen to paper? A how to write reference book that gets you fored up to write? Keep it close to your writing space and read a few pages when you sit down to write. 

3. Develop a routine

 Choose the same time to write every day. Listen to the same type of music, drink the same type of tea/coffee/wine. In time, the sensory repetition will help to trigger that writing urge in you.

4.  Get your sleep, exercise, and drink a cup of coffee

I’ve heard some people need 8 hours of sleep per night, but personally, I function on 6 hours of sleep, 7 if I am fighting a cold. And when you’ve had a full night’s rest, caffeine doesn’t just resuscitate your zombie self – it makes you want to write and create and be generally brilliant. I decrease my coffee consumption throughout the week (e.g. four cups (during the day) Monday, down to a one cup on Friday.  I go to the gym two days during the week and both days (before I sit down to write) on the weekends.

6. Visualize the finished piece

Or visualize the book cover.  Visualizing the finished product is very powerful. Do you want to be  working on this book for the next decade? Or do you want to hold the hardcover/paperback or eBook edition in your hands? 

Personal vows

Fall in love with your heroes and create heroines you'd like as best friend. Create a sense of time and place, and, make your readers jump feet first into your story!  Most importantly, have a great time. If you love your story, so will your readers.

Happy reading,


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I'm enjoying reading an entry in Sunday Snippets that isn't actually a snippet from your work. Keep it up.