Sunday, July 12, 2015

Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow –Sunday Snippet #sundaysnip #07/12/15

Since the 1st story in my Fun & Sassy Fantasy Series, Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow  is on sale
this month (for only 99 cents), I’m am featuring the story in today’s blog post.

Meredith resisted the urge to finger comb her caramel-highlighted ‘surfer-girl’ hair.  Viktor had said she was his angel.  That was why she’d been blessed with her shining halo of golden hair, his reminder to keep on a heavenly, albeit rather boring, path.  She’d laughed, but she melted into his embrace, his deep slightly accented baritone a loving rumbled against her ear. The beginning in their relationship was magical.  Then everything seemed to change. . . 

 “You’ve got this marvelous career and money and everything that you could possibly want,” Pippa continued, jarring Meredith out of her thoughts, “and there's nobody in your life to share with."

"You mean I should have a couple of kids by now," Meredith responded.  That was so not going to happen.

"You need a man to have kids, little sister."

 She almost said: Zombies can’t reproduce, but stopped herself just in time.  Instead, she managed a convincing comeback. "Well, right now I'm not in the marriage in the market.  Believe it or not, I'm perfectly happy just the way I am."

Pippa’s expression shouted she seriously doubted that, but she allowed the topic to rest.  "If you say so,” she replied good-naturally.  "How about second cup of coffee to go with a slice of pecan pie?"

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