Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunday Snippets by Connie Vines # SundaySnips # 08/02/2015

Welcome to this week's Sunday Snippets!

Please enjoy of snippet or two from my novella,  "Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow" book one of my Sassy & Fun Fantasy Series.

"I wish you would let me help with dinner," Meredith said, pulling herself back to the present.  "I feel guilty just sitting here doing nothing while you do all the work."  Being a vegan, Meredith found her transition of zombie-hood, particularly exigent.  Brains, human or otherwise, had never been on her menu--now, protein, in fowl or bovine form was a requirement of her reanimated state. Difficult though it was, she had to come to terms with the change.  After discovering an underground support group whose members met monthly in a banquet room of a coffee shop near the I-10, she was thankful she didn't require human protein like most other Zombies.  However. . .

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Anonymous said...

Great snip Connie. Shared!

Unknown said...

I may not always comment, but when I'm active and well, I do share on FB, Pinterest, Twitter and Google. Great Post. Glad you're part of the group.

Tricia McGill said...

I must find time to read this one, Connie. It sounds fun.

Connie Vines said...

Thank you. I love our weekly posts and will share also.