Sunday, October 16, 2016

Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow, Sunday Snippet #SundaySnip

Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow is  the first novella in my Sassy and Fun Series.

Do you go all out for Halloween?  I sure do.  I serve my Spooktacular dinner the weekend before Halloween.  Complete with 'Dead-man over Worms", "Bloody Fingers", "Frankenstein's Brain".  Well, you get the picture.  So here is a snipped from my Zombie Romance.  It's Sassy. It's Fun.  And, best of all, Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow is FREE with Kindle Unlimited at!

Here's my Snip:

Meredith didn't recall much about the accident, nor who or what, reanimated her.  She remembered and over-hearing a security officer informing a pungent-smelling zombie that he couldn't purchase an alcoholic beverage (apparently he didn't match up with his photo ID). Within moments, a shoving match between the two men ensured, quickly escalating into zombie chaos:  shouting, running and chomping.


At the time, Meredith thought it was all part of the festivities, perhaps a little odd and definitely crazy.  Just like the cornstarch-based zombie-vomit and fake blood, everyone had globbed and smeared on themselves; but hey, it was an Arts event.  Even after finding herself wedged in the center of the zombie mob, lunging and bumping along until they were in site of the pier, Meredith. . .

Visit to read "Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow"!  FREE is a  great deal.  And a great gift filled with Halloween Fun!  (click on the book cover).

Happy October, everyone!


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Juliet Waldron said...

Not so good at the moment for Meredith, I believe. ;)
A terrific seasonal snippet.

Unknown said...

Great share for this time of year. Glad I'm not eating at your house the week before Halloween. *lol*

Connie Vines said...

Lol! I love the comments when I post about this story. Everyone has so much fun! Well, except for Meredith. . .