Saturday, May 21, 2016

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U Confrontation.  A noun.  A hostile argumentative meeting or situation between opposing parties.

Confrontation creates powerful drama.  I am am posting one scene that I've written that shows confrontation between characters in one of novels.

This scene in from "Lynx" Rodeo Romance.   

There was an undercurrent of Lynx's statement that made Rachel feel like a branding iron was placed on her body.  "You told your mother about Carson, didn't you?"

Lynx frowned at her. "Of course I did.  Dad had already made the connection."

Rachel wrapped her arms around herself to still her trembling and stepped away from Lynx.  Betrayal vibrated through Rachel's body and her voice shook with anger.  "How could you?  You told them without even asking me if it was okay?  What else do they know?" she demanded.

"That this is important to me, that you're beautiful and sassy and--"

A bitter, sour note left Rachel's throat.  She felt lightheaded and angry--angrier than she'd ever been in her life.  "So everyone's putting on a good show for the poor, unwanted rodeo orphan, is that it Lynx?  If you're really lucky, one of your father's friends will tell everyone about Carson's drinking binges.  Should we talk about that at the barbecue, too?"

"Or how about the time Lauren left me wandering the streets of Lordsburg, New Mexico, and Child Protective Services had to pick me up?    How would that be for meal time conversation?"

This scene is the dark moment in my contemporary romance novel.  This is the scene where  Rachel Scott must confront the man she loves, Lynx Maddox, with what she preserves as his betrayal.

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