Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Snippets by Connie Vines #sundaysnips&stuff

It's another beautiful Sunday morning.  

Today I'd like to share another  snippet from my Rodeo Romance, "Lynx".

Page 51:

Blinking irritably at the heavy, burning sensation in his eyes, compliments of a sleepless night invaded by erotic dreams of Rachel, Lynx crawled from bed the following morning and staggered to the rear of the camper.  He managed to perk a strong pot of coffee before peering into the refrigerator.  A quart of milk with an expiration date of six days past, a mummified tomato, and a cardboard container holding a two-day old hamburger stared back at him.  The heavy scent of bacon, pancakes, and eggs from next door provoked a rumble of hunger from his stomach.  He needed food.  It only went to reason, Running Springs, being a small town, possessed one cafe--"The Round-Up" where Rachel worked.

With a resigned shrug, Lynx showered, shaved, and got dressed.

Lynx stopped short when he walked across the threshold of the cafe, his gaze riveted to the woman whose image had kept him up all night--Rachel.

He felt like hell, and he looked like hell, and to compound his ire, she sat at the end of the counter looking refreshed.  At five in the morning, she should have looked a little haggard!

Her silky hair was pinned at the nape of her neck in some type of complicated braid.  
She looked up at him when the bell over the door jingled, and she managed a smile.  "Good morning," she said cheerfully, rising to her feet.  

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