Saturday, September 19, 2015

Social Issues in Entertainment Reading

Thank you Rhobin, once again, for such a timely topic.

Topic: What current issues are important to you?  How often do modern social/global issues take place in your stories no matter what era or genre you write?

 I am very concerned about many global social issues from climate, religious extremism, over population, pollution, and the loss of native habitats, to food production, the cost of higher education, the increase in income inequality, the shrinking of America’s middle class, failing infrastructure, and humanity’s failure to learn from past mistakes.

Do any of these topics occur in my stories? Yes, even though I write romance and romantic suspense/YA/fantasy/historical novels timely topics appear in my fiction.  My Rodeo Romance Series addresses continuing social issues of child neglect and alcoholism, the aftermath that haunts into adulthood.  Book 2 in my Rodeo Romance Series shows how death and survivor guilt cannot be ignored.  My Native American Series shows the generational effect on a People who have experience Genocide.   While my anthology “Gumbo Ya Ya” shows how cultures and belief systems clash and how a fair resolution is sometimes, impossible.

While not all of my novels delve deeply into social issues as part of the story, they make an appearance.  I believe no matter the time period, people are aware of the world around them.  That world, in turn, is instrumental in the development of a person’s character.

What global issues are important to you? 

Do you find global/social issues add to a story?  Or, do you wish true escapism without a hint of ‘reality’ in the storyline?

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Rhobin said...

I think those family and personal issues such as abuse, neglect, or addiction affect so many readers that they act as an inducement to read. Good post, Connie.

Marci Baun said...

When I wrote my blog post, I was thinking of the social issues that are front and center for me now. As I respond to others posts, I realize that I do include social issues within my stories only because they have shaped the characters' lives. Like you, the issues aren't the focal point of the story, but they are present.

I really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts about this month's topic.