Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Snippets by Connie Vines #Sunday Snips

This Sunday will be a snippet of “Lynx” Rodeo Romance for your reading pleasure.

Lynx walked past the corrals where the bulls were housed. Bodacious, the huge, bad-tempered, Texas Longhorn bull slammed his head against the side of the metal pen.  

The blow from his crooked horn punched a hole in the wooden shed on the other side.

Lynx watched the boards splinter.  For a moment, he felt the bull’s anger and frustration. He too, longed to vent his rage against the cards life dealt him.

Unlike the bull, who could lash out at the pen and the men who rode him, Lynx could do nothing to change his own state of mind.

He’d have to learn to live with the pain.

After today, Bodacious would be put out to pasture. The bull would spend the rest of his life on the open range in complete bliss.  Lynx had no such escape from the demons that chased him. He could only pick up the broken shards of his life and try to go on.

He stared at the empty, wooden shed for a time. The bull’s blow had shattered the thin boards and sent splinters of wood flying. That’s how he felt without Rachel, he realized, broken and empty inside. 

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