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Sunday Snippets #12/27/15 #Cookin’ with Celebs

Since this is a holiday season that is a whirlwind of parties, gift giving, and food—I’d thought I focus on the food today.

I am certain everyone has a favorite T.V. chef.  You may not admit to it, but I know you have watched “Iron Chef,” “Chopped,” “Emeril” or “Cake Boss”.  I often go online and search Food Network, America’s Test Kitchen, Pinterest, etc. for an inspiration for the dinner menu.  Last week I was watching a popular country cook’s network show.  I watch her show several times a week while I’m getting ready to go to the gym.  I find with her recipes, it’s hit and miss.  I rate them A+ or ‘never will I make this again’—there is never any middle ground. 

I thought I’d share a “Bacon Appetizer” that this chef said was popular in the 1980s.  I am taking these appetizers to my brother’s Christmas Eve party tonight.  I hope that these will be appetizers will be a hit.


I purchased a Nordic ware cookie sheet with a rack (on sale at Smart & Final).  I also did not skimp on the ingredients, purchasing name-brand labels to give the recipe its best chance for success.

Cooking time: 2 hours                    Temperature: 250 degrees


1 box of Club Crackers (I used 1.5 sleeves)
1 lb. of thin sliced bacon
1 container of Parmesan Cheese (the type in the green container near the spaghetti sauce)
1 box of light brown sugar

While the oven preheats, separate the crackers and place on the cooking sheet rack.
These are two types of appetizers. Half are savory (Parmesan cheese); half are sweet (brown sugar).
With a teaspoon (use a measuring spoon), top the crackers.

Now take your pound of bacon cut the slab in ½.  The recipe says wrap one ½ slice of bacon over each cracker. *I found this to be too much bacon*.  I did make six this way and then cut the slab into quarters.  My finished product was more of a blanket rather than a complete wrap around a cracker.
By adjusting the amount of bacon, by appetizers did cook in 2 hours.  The six crackers with the ½ slice too almost 30 minutes longer to brown the bacon.  *30 minutes may not seem like a great deal of time.  However, when you have a time crunch, it is a very big deal.


My husband liked the cracker lesser amount of bacon.  He liked both the savory and sweet.
I did not like the appetizers.  However, I found the sweet more palatable.  Overall, I found the bacon appetizers dry and rather tasteless.

What did the party guests say?

Twenty-five guest (including children) loved the appetizers. 

Which goes to prove why I am a novelist and not a chef for the masses :-).

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