Friday, March 18, 2016

Secondary Characters Can Surprise You'. #Round Robin

I,This Month's Topic: Secondary characters have many functions in stories. Have you ever had a secondary character surprise you in some way? How? How about in other author's books that you've read? Do you have a favorite secondary character in either your own work or in books you have read?

Thank you Robin for including me in today's blog hop.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle gave Sherlock Holmes a full panoply of supporting characters. There was Dr. Watson, the quintessential “sidekick,” to act as a sounding board; Scottish landlady Mrs. Hudson, to cook and clean and fuss over Holmes; Scotland Yard Inspector LeStrade, to provide a foil for Holmes’ intuitive brilliance, as well as access to official investigations; the Baker Street Irregulars, to ferret out information; and Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s politically powerful older brother, to provide financial and strategic support. Like Doyle’s, your cast of supporting characters should reflect what your protagonist needs.

Where as I do not feel the secondary characters in Sherlock's world surprised me-- they were skillfully drawn to print out the flaws and strengths of Holmes.

As for my own secondary characters, they have a life of there own.  I've had an enemy become a fringe in one of my YA novels, and a pet anendearing side-kick in another.

As for a favorite secondary character, I fine the novels I am writing at any particular time, is my favorite. Like a parent, I think everyone one of my characters are special & and equally loved.

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Rhobin said...

I enjoyed your comments about secondary characters, and how your favorites are those you are currently writing about.

darkwriter said...

Interesting about Arthur Conan Doyle and I totally agree.

Fiona McGier said...

Good point about sometimes the supporting characters help to illustrate something about the main character. And sometimes they "take over" for subsequent books!

Victoria Chatham said...

I like your comments about Sherlock Holmes. I've also noticed in several cop series that the secondary character is always proved to be wrong. I've found that watching TV and movies has helped me no end with my writing.

anne stenhouse said...

Hi Connie, Yep, several of us went for Conan Doyle's secondary characters. They are a joy. I think that's what we all aim for - joy to the reader. Anne stenhouse