Sunday, March 06, 2016

Brede, Rodeo Romance, Book 2—Sunday Snippet #sundaysnip

This Sunday’s Snippet is from my Contemporary Romantic Suspense novel, “Brede”.

“My head hurts,” she whispered. A sharp, throbbing pain embedded itself in the center of her left temple.  She touched her raw fingertips to the tender area, and tried to grasp a fleeting memory. . .of what, she wasn’t certain. 

At that moment, a man leaned over her.  His eyes reminded her of the ocean; soft blue water reflecting through frosted crystal—sad, lonely eyes.

                The warmth from the blankets seeped into her chilled body, but the sound of the pounding rain sent terror crawling through her.  She bolted upright, her heart thumping so card she couldn’t catch her breath.

                “Lie back down,” the man instructed. “You’ve had some sort of accident.”

                Pain lanced through her body and her head.  Beneath the wave of pain, she heard the concern in his deep voice, and pressed an unsteady hand to her forehead.  “Accident?”  Her fear receded, but didn’t go away completely.  An accident explained the sharp, pain embedded in her left temple and radiating down the side of her jaw, but it didn’t explain what she was doing here.  Here?  Where was she? And who was this man standing over her?

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Unknown said...

Sorry I missed out today. I didn't get my blog scheduled and ended up at the ER with my mom most of the day. I'm happy I can depend on you to keep things going. Enjoyed your post.